one day

Earth Worship

a sky as blue as i haven't seen,

in decades spent lost and in between,

an azure so pure the rain washed clean.


the soiled skies are usually slate,

stony hard like impersonal hate,

unnoticed by people so rushed and late.


the grass rinsed clean and bright and new,

bespeckled and sparkling like the dew,

with no indication of what it went through.


one day it will be sunscorched and bare,

or paved in black like every place everywhere,

with no indication of what once was there.


the leaves rise up with chirps and cheeps, 

sounds so beautiful that all heaven weeps,

i could hold on forever if only memory keeps.


reveries lost of any one long summer day,

how quickly these places seem to fade away,

even children forgot how they used to play.


the last stewards hold their breath and wait.

and watch flowers fail, planted too late.

like lovers lost, like sailors tossed, mourning their fate.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

sometimes you don't notice how polluted the air is until the rain washes it out.

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borbug's picture

most beautyful song i ever

most beautyful song i ever red on this subject...makes you start to think about everything once again from another angle

and_hera_met_zeus's picture


thank you, your words are too kind.

KindredSpirit's picture

I don't know

Youre kinda special.

I got people

Up in there

Up in there


and_hera_met_zeus's picture

you're kind to say so

but after a heartache so recent, the time has come for me to enter chrysalis, for one of my periodic transformations.  you'll find the love u seek when you stop looking for it outside, and focus on the beauty within.

KindredSpirit's picture


Everything might be True.

( but we know it isn't )

Cuz we heard it : Right?

I didn't want to say all before

Cuz that would make me to cynical and l might

Get all pissed off and give up on Love

And go on some kind of bender writing run- on

Sentences to someone in the middle of the night


and_hera_met_zeus's picture


well, it's up to u whether or not u want to take some time to focus on urself.  or maybe u want to find a girl who wants to leap headfirst into something intense.  hey, more power to ya.  but that sure as hell ain't me right now.  i DEFINITELY need some me time.

KindredSpirit's picture

I just wanted to say

I was just messin' with you.

But you do blow me away

I never read you before

And when I did

Somethings you wrote  could of been me

Writing it. But I loved reading it.

When you wrote it.

Everything is a Dream 

That we don't expect to come true.

So that is all anything is then.

I am just saying

I do understand :::::

And we do change.


And you are right


KindredSpirit's picture


Am I up

In the middle of the night

Reading poetry ?

Like the write


and_hera_met_zeus's picture

yes, why?

when you could be up in the middle of the night

WRITING poetry?


KindredSpirit's picture

But then

I might write one about you
I've been drinkin
Talkin about Love
More more more
I can't get enough

and_hera_met_zeus's picture

wouldn't u rather love

wouldn't u rather love someone u can touch and hold? :) someone within a hundred mile radius? lol

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Checked Out The ArchDruid

Agrarian culture theme. Return to humans working for only what is needed for survival. Simple. Utopian. Sci-Fy writers have explored post-apocalypse concepts from A-Z. Shutting it all down (blowing it into non-existence) and starting over without technology is widely explored. If humans survive - shutting it all down world-wide will result in the earth healing itself, but without tech - diseases, starvation, wars, hatred, murder (the whole shebang) will still exist. It looks like a good outcome - the reality may not be the same as what is envisioned. ~a~




and_hera_met_zeus's picture

i'm glad you liked it!  yeah,

i'm glad you liked it!  yeah, i like that his take on civilization collapse is more of a slow fizzle.  i think some of it sounds more likely, and i like the idea that we can choose which technologies to preserve.  whether his is any more realistic than anyone else, who knows? :)