Exploding Hearts

Today begins the long, slow process

Of rebuilding my shattered heart.

I will pick the shards of glass

Out of my bed before I sleep again.

I will clear the squalid remains

Of my neglected life from my temple.

I will rage and crash and tempest

And then I will rage and crash and tempest.

I will cry the tears of a tropical depression

And know the wind is with me.

I will shed the tatters of my broken pride,

My last sacrifice to hope.


Who is the God of Hope?


And O What have I done to offend thee?


I will soak in a thousand anointed baths,

And bless myself with sacred tear drops.

I will burn incense to clear away smoke,

And turn darkness to dimly lit candlelight.

I will consume sacrament like I am starvation

And I will immediately lose the taste for food.

I will offer up all of my self-destruction,

And I will prostrate myself before myself


To beg for my own forgiveness.


I will awaken to a new world,

Strange and full of monsters.

And I will not ask if I am loved.

I will not ask if I am worthy.

I will not ask if I have value.

I will not ask if I have virtue.


I climb into the ivory tower.

I will never be undone.

There are none here for me

Except the one who will face dragons.


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KindredSpirit's picture

I Love it so much

That I want to change

My name.



and_hera_met_zeus's picture

hahaha!!! change it to what?

hahaha!!! change it to what? and why?

KindredSpirit's picture

I picked this one

To see if I seen it.

I still like it but to answer your question

This was when you changed your name

And I started reading you.


Why? It works for you.

You ..are..my..fav..


and_hera_met_zeus's picture

oh thanks :)

i changed my name cuz i met my most recent ex on pp and after we broke up i wanted to feel like my account was private again, but i didn't want to delete everything and start over.  all those new poems right after that were about trying to get over that relationship.

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Dragon Challenging

Great write: "... I will prostrate myself before myself..." too. ~allets~




and_hera_met_zeus's picture

thanks stella :)

thanks stella :)