Under Siege

Love and Pain

Besieged for 26 days

Surrounded by campaigns to capture my heart or compel my surrender

Advancing one encircles his target, cutting supply and preventing reinforcing bitterness

from reaching my protected senses,

preventing the escape of my love


Lying in wait, crowding oppressively, coercing me to betray my fortification,

coupled with attempts to reduce the fortifications by means of diplomacy

My thoughts and interaction are simply passed over

for the pinnacle conquest of my center

compelling my heart to concede or negotiate,

forcing a changing mode of battle


Harrassed by catapulting stones of insistance bombarding my fortress

Alexander the Great commando-like tactics

attempting to climb like Egyptian warriors scaling walls in the Siege of Dapur

underestimating my gates, bridge and moat

Bastions of my citadel remain a last stronghold

with increased depth, width, and oblique angles

proving difficult to penetrate


My walls and ditches challenge archers and slingers

Resting "in defilade," using my natural scar covering to shield and conceal from your trickery,

essential for defense

holding a strong, static defensive position

Resisting arrest, not easily taken by a "Coup De Main" swift attack

Yet iron hooks launched onto tops of walls pull them down

Battering rams and cannons of burning desire reduce the value of my fortifications

'Siege towers' of advantage fire down on my defenses

Trebuchets fling projectiles of persistence, destroying walls


My complex system of passages and foundations

undermined and deliberately collapsed

taking advantage of my starvation


He has broken through

I surrender



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I enjoyed this read Amy. Took

I enjoyed this read Amy. Took me on a ride. :) 

Copyright © morningglory

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Alex The Great

...is a particularly favorite hero of mine. Too bad Hollywood just can't get him right ~~A~~