Just Once More...

Love and Pain

In my dreams you are near

bringing a quiet shiver to my soul

Do I fill your thoughts as you have arrested mine?

Paralyzed by the flames in your eyes,

I long to gaze into their deep mystery

and unlock their magical control...

Just once more

Your words have melody

with chords I can't seem to cut

and bridges I've yet to burn

Each note torturously plays the song of my surrender

and exposes my eager thirst for your love

I crave to taste the lips of their origin

and the flavor of their composer...

Just once more

There is no secret place of innocence

your sweet poison hasn't infected

or the bondage of addiction's

quiescent endurance hasn't chained

I desire to share one priceless evening

under the watchful eye of twilight in your arms...

Just once more

Your masculine array of chiseled thighs

and humble strength

constantly glide across my mind -

taunting my emotions

and ignoring my protesting heart

I lust for the touch that has thrilled my sensations

like no other...

Just once more

Failing to extinguish the fire of longing

that burns deep inside my denial,

the way you move me has plucked

a thousand yesterdays from my grasp

causing the hope of final purging to perish

My thoughts ponder if death is better

than a love such as this

I am forced to pretend that I am whole,

you are less than everything wonderful,

and all is well...

Just once more

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Yeah, I like your works. They

Yeah, I like your works. They almost feel like my own experiences. Interesting...

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synonymtwist's picture

passionate lady,

i wish i could be the inspiration for a poem like that. i am undoubtedly disappointed that i have read a masterpiece about a man of your dreams, this i'm sure of. you have crippled me for life now, no woman will ever save their last thoughts for me like this.

i am not feeling sorry for myself, im just cring :-D

maybe she didnt die but her words will perish for eternity never to describe another love with what has been written. to her this is love and she has cursed it.

just kidding :)

no seriously