Magnetic Love

Love and Pain

Willingly entangled in infinite circles of enchantment

Bewitched by one of an unusual kind

The personification of uncommon peculiarities

Encompassing all that is inviting and yearned for

Tantalized by that which once existed,

but surrendered

Torturous cravings for what can never manifest

Reliving what was and regretting what is

Unable to convey and convince the

Splendid futuristic oneness foreseen

Natures so contradictive yet complementive

Conflicting wayward journeys

of mind, body and soul

The earnest beckoning of the innermost,

bidding for its partner

Steel walls of wills, masking the heart's fated companion

Inescapable as gravity, space, and time

The authority of love decrees

an undeniable "meant to be"

Tangible yet impossible

Attracting yet opposing

Such is the wrenching reality of magnetic love

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Love ripples inside itself endlessly and is felt beyond the furthest star placed by God. If man left his own world behind in search for that star, he would only find that the human heart has more empty space in it.

Amy you are dynomite