Get Well My Love

Love and Pain

Get well, my love. Get well.

Galaxies of stars await their parallel perfection

in the captivating combination

of our delectable descendent design.

Get well, my love. Get well.

Sonnets seek to disclose our unquenchable cravings

and octets insist on exposing our tasty tales

Stanzas scheme their similes awaiting our rhythmical measures

while ballads believe our next encounter will be the most passionate ever

for the anticipating pen and paper….

Get well, my love. Get well.

Fields of flowers foretell our clandestine delights

They pollinate their counterparts in personification of our pleasing postures

and replication of our reproduction.

Get well, my love. Get well.

My innermost longings are destitute

and my existence is nothing without your touch.

Get well, my love. Get well.

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Get Well

Taken at face value - a physically ill love greatly missed, or other levels where "sick" is metaphor for absence and leaving or addiction to unhealthy pursuits - I kept thinking of friends who stopped being friends, family who abandoned me, left for no reason I know - I wish them to get well soon. U make me think. (the p's repeated, consonance - nice device ~~A~~