The End

For so long now i have wondered,

What exactly makes me, me?

They say each one of us is unique,

But i don't know how that can be.

I am nothing special,

Nothing to distinguish me from the crowd.

The only way you'll notice me,

Is for the fact i'm rather loud.

But loud i feel i must be,

To block the sound of thoughts in my head.

As each second they're taking over me,

Making my soul ever more dead.

For i am ill inside myself,

There's no way that can change.

And everyday for the rest of my life,

Indifferently, i'll feel deranged.

But i won't let me get to me,

I can try and make it through.

As i believe i can do it,

When i have someone like you.

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mfernau's picture

I feel u completely. Two servings of pain Both in the heart then the brain. We all move on to cope, but 4 our first love we never give up hope.