She washes her hands

She washes her hands and pulls two large

bowls from the cabinet.  She also takes a

measuring cup- the ingredients are

waiting on the table.

Carefully measuring out the flour, baking

soda, and salt pouring them into one

bowl and setting it to the side.

Taking the butter, she begins

creaming it with the sugar and vanilla

in the second.  Mixing the two bowls together

is the real challenge.

Their textures, tastes, and appearances

seem totally different, incompatible.

Yet something about their chemistry is

undeniable.  The attraction of opposites,

the combination of counterparts

to create something new, something

enticing.  The heat of passion becomes undeniable-

The two are thrown together-

hot, clinging, excited.

The bond is sealed.

She hears the oven timer ring, and takes

the cookies out of the oven, smiling

contentedly to herself.

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furgeson1's picture

There is an undeniable color and subtlety in this one; not homemade, by the way, but inspired. An activity with a beginning, middle, and ending; this very well shown from a personal perspective, a simple experience.

Usually, there is room for some structural or grammatical critique, in this case, though, like dessert, I think I’ll just have another…