Five petals fade from deep gold to the warmest yellow, soft

     to the touch as silk.

Smooth round edges resemble clouds floating in the heavens-

     trying to return to their gods.

Two long slender leaves hold the flower in a familiar embrace.

Their emerald green gleams brilliantly against an orange glow.

A thick smooth air- honey and warm


A sweet nectar filling the cup of Aphrodite.

An inspiration.

The secret behind the sultry radiance.

It knows eternal spring; beauty.

Like the French ballet dancing Swan Lake- exquisite

     movement and grace.

Like a dream or vision not of this world-

     reality ends here.

Like diamonds.

Like song, lust, sweat, and spring.

     not like the lilies- too proud and forward.

     not like the daisies- often understated and too modest.

In a field of amber

     she lounges

In their proclaimations of love

     a thought stirs her heart

In the city she lives not to leave Menelaus, but to love

     Paris- a modern-day Helen of Troy.

In a thousand apricot beauties, she makes

     her choice

          and starts a war.

The Tulip is desire.

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Carina Trenka's picture

Wow! Who knew that you had this in you and why haven't you shown me before?!?! I love them all, but this one HAS to be my favorite. You have an amazing eye for beauty.