christmas time

it is times like this we must remember
remember those soldiers fighting for us
fighting for our freedom and future
freedom they might not get to enjoy
enjoy not the land there on
the land of war of loss of death
the death they must face to make peace
the peace is for there loved ones
loved ones they might not see again
not see another holiday together
not together for Christmas ill shed a tear
a tear for them the ones who deserve
they deserve kindness and respect
respect i have for them never lost
lost in war they hang there heads
heads of the missing they can not find
find shelter and stay there
stay strong stay safe stay brave

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i hope they all stay safe and remember there loved ones will wait for them

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Christmas time:


What a good poem prasing those like soldiers that will not celelbrate christmas and such holidays because of their commitments. Their efforts keep us free, as you pointed out. Very good read.