Missing you

poems 1

Babe the day you left

I was so sad can't eat
My food or drink my coke

I just want to go sit
in the darkness
and cry for hours

The day you left I
Was so sad can't eat my
food or drink my coke
I  just want to go sit
in the 
and cry for hours
then I feel you touch 
Me and say don't be
sad I had a good 
life and I am glad 
to had live it so don't
be sad be happy and
go follow your dreams
and touch has many life's
you can so when you journey
is done on earth come home with me
I have so much to show you
but it can wait so go live your
journey and don't forget I am
always with you and watching
over you my love so get up out
of the darkness and live life to
the fullness and when you are
outside  I am with you enjoying
the nice weather and the nurture
with you my love and I am having
fun in heaven with my dog and your
dogs I meet you grandpa and
grandparent  and your two uncles
and aunt and cousins and they
are doing good and I am doing good I 
meet Paul Walker we laugh because 
we have the some last name lol so 
don't worry my love we will be 
together again my love 

© Amanda Kay Hill

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Feel your pain

its not the same

without my best friend


Ten years ago

in April

He met Jesus 

and got to touch

his face

because he is

in a much better place

with so much love

and grace 

(c)Cherisse Powers