Secret sort of Feelin'


I miss that dirty, lifted pick-up truck

Riding shotgun with my feet out the window

Singing to the songs on the radio. 

And lookin' at you but you didn't know.


How i was looking at you.

I remember one time when i thought you saw me,

how i see you

But i guess it just wasn't meant to be.


I didn't take a chance when i thought that i had one,

I was embarrassed and scared,

Now it's too late, i've already run.

And you found a girl who dared.


She stepped up to the plate that i didn't.

All I could think was "you're too young for me."

And what people would think was my intent.

And how there'd be complications with your family.


Watching you with her,

I'm wishing i'd have said something.

Hoping that you're happy,

But also that it's just a fling.


That maybe there's still a chance for me,

And that things aren't what they seem to be,

But I waited too long,

so it's a wait and see.


I miss that dirty, old, lift-kit pick-up truck

Feet out the window ridin' shotgun.

Glancing at you and thinking is...

Making my mind come undone.


-Secretly Waiting

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's my first poem in a while, so don't judge too harshly. No comments on about or when or who. :3

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