who else would walk this road for you


don't you know i love you

caught within your boundaries

unveiling rays of hope

of a forever mist clouding

foggy fortunes cry out

under our velvet overpass

deep within my soul

is a warmth waiting

for you to let me go

love is the silent song the heart sings

love means much more than diamond rings

and if you're with me

we'll be the very best that we can be

just be the one to end my pain

and i'll walk with you under the rain

who else would give this love to you


don't you know i adore you

grasping tight onto this ruby

beneath a world that is so grey

this eternity within a daisy

we soar upon the silken dove

above this ink blotch undertow

trapped within my heart

is a smile pondering

a way to break free

you're the only heart i want to stay in

you're a piece chisled straight from heaven

and if i'm with you

this sky will always be so blue

just be the one that keeps me sane

and i'll walk with you under the rain

god, it is so cold

it's the lonely winter sickness

that makes our hearts grow mold

within the heavy foggy thickness

i see your shining gold

and i can see

our immortality

we will never grow so old

under all this death

is a place that we must go

of laughs and babie's breath

all i want to do is touch your skin

you're made of the finest porcelain

and if we're never apart

then the world will grow a heart

just be my sweetest sugarcane

i'll stay forever under the rain

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love poem
to read i liked it :*)