with cold comes you

unhook the stars tonight

join in the fight

and take in the beauty

of a moonchild reborn

we'll cry the stains of power

and smash the dried up flower

to never remember

the coming of the dawn

cause' it's coming down

its breaking through

with winter comes cold

with cold comes you

tackle the booming corners

ignore the silent warnings

and never remember

the changing of the tides

freezedry the burning embers

genocide clears all the members

and the world is so empty

as empty as your soul

dont you need someone to hold you

through the destruction

we can sit still

and watch the moon engulf the sun

with cold comes you

bring me down the stairway

drive me through the highway

and in my dreams

i live life by my way

you are the coldest icegirl

i've ever seen in the world

and you cause only damage

to me and my heart

with cold comes you

with cold comes you

with cold comes you

with cold comes you

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blackcat2's picture

So many words come to mind yet each word will not do this justice. This could be a song if set to music as well. Excellent writing.