i love hate

tonight is a world reborn

this waiting makes me more patient

and we fall

and we fall

we all fall under a radio sunset

whose cage are we trapped in this year

low fat desserts

weight loss pills

blank tv screens

we're all just closet pigs

good to hear youre drug free

go buy another scratch ticket

today is a world collapse

and i could stare for hours

at the girl

at the girl

the girl who will never love me

which tragedy will we laugh at now


never quite kill the pain

of a love abortion

we're all disgusting

in our secret little worlds

we're all disgusting

behind our masks of beautiful

good to hear youre drug free

go buy another scratch ticket

yesterday was a world alive

these shattered promises cold

and we die

and we die

we will all die within a shell

of the person we used to be

plastic smiles

vacuum laughs

falsify the happiness of a reality

in which we hate everyone

love costs more than we make

life lives more than we fake

hope gives more than we take

nothing heals more than we break

apathy is our brightest emotion

good to hear youre drug free

go but another scratch ticket

and go fuck yourself

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Elizabeth Sintzel's picture

I love this poem. It flows nice and i would have to say my favourite line is "falsify the happiness of a reality." Bloody brillrant. Cheers, Larcus.