Fire's Allies


Orion, the starlit warrior, cleared his throat, the wine from the dipper was ancient and dutifully swallowed. Bad Memory played with the stars that comprised his blade making it difficult for Orion to concentrate on Existence who swung like a faerie on the tip of his belt stars. “There is no way Water will give up her throne. The Elementals agreed. How else could you, Existence, grant her such favor?” Willful as any sprite, Existence chittered like a little girl looking at lions in a zoo and Leo shook his mane at her. “Aria did not fit and Melody is so simple, it was easy to become lost in Water’s tears. She’s a sorceress! Laughter loves her water trails and I suppose Fire will fall prey to Relentless before this war they seem to want materializes.”

Orion rolled his broad shoulders and two lesser world economies collapsed, a lost dog was found dead, a record number of deer were shot during hunting season and growled laughter at the wardens who could not keep up. Rome fell again, right behind Greece. “Water is wet, s’a fact! She came once and cleaned my tunic, did you know?”

Legend tilted his hat at Existence, who conceded most of the point. The telling was definitely him. “I do. And Fire is said to have sharpened your sword, neh?” Slander swung in from the far end of the Milky Way and joined the war council. “I am witness to this boy on boy crime Passion is boasting far beyond Orion’s stars, truly! You, Master, are one with Probation.”

Orion seldom apologized for his adventures. The nights on mountains are cold and require Warmth. Fire served. “The stars are in agreement. Wager walks warily with what wealth we would wield, using him. The poet, Odds, favors Fire’s defeat, Air a loose cannon, and Earth the only true troubadour trustworthy to terrorize and trample all roads that lead to Water’s charms, such as they are. Orion sniffed and the Little Bear poured him nectar like wine, close, but not exactly ambrosia.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The hunter and Fire are the oldest allies and Orion commands the All Star Team with galaxtic powers which makes Orion formidable. - Lady A

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There are a thousand stories

There are a thousand stories in the stars, and it's nice to read the story that you see, Allets. I see the constellations as animals banished to the heavens to hunt and be hunted forever by a god ... it doesn't matter whose god.

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On Re-reading

the Elemental prose, I ask myself, "What the heck was I thinking?" Well, I was recently reading about norse gods and this was the tragic result. At least your vision of the constellations is rational. Avoid Norse mythology. You will live longer. :D - Just Bein' Lady A

Lady A


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I find this peice interesting

I find this peice interesting to say the least. The way that you drew a picture of who orion is was uncanny,might I say.

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My Favorite Constellation

I can see him clearly in Michigan skies - Cassiopea is my second favorite - I wish I knew more of them along with the dipper bears - be well C3 - see you around ~allets~

Lady A