Vaccine Distribution


  • The vignette will sound like this. Detroit? We sent those people ten thousand doses yesterday. Give me the order. I'm changing this five thousand doses to be delivered to Farmington Hills.
  • This week the vaccine is scheduled to be approved for emergency use. Michigan's legislature is Republicans who support keeping restaurants open for indoor dining. Detroit  is not a priority. Money is not flowing from Detroit to the suburbs fast like before the plague. Send your cash and we will think about vaccinating Detroit.
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  • How it is intended with progressive rhetoric and official orders will be tested and challenged. Black lives matter and know how to protest and sue. It is life and death. I hope the rerouted doses defiantly end up in Detroit. This year, I have been surprised.
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Finally we turn to Africa and S. Amer. to vaccinate, the price absolute loyalty to Washington aka the usa oligarchy.