Scheme Of Things

A New View


The way I see it is not often
the point of view from which
I see it. Like an earthquake 
the objects shifts; new
evidence makes the edges
glitter with undeniable existence
and non-existence simultaneously.
I wake up to the sun, then ponder 

is Sol actually creating the light
or an odd sort of second coming? What
is obvious often lives in speculation.

Clear as day becomes muddied. First

impressions are good things and bad.

The way I see the rest of existence

is another matter,  exclusively. I share

that with few  or none. I hope this finally

closes the subject of crystallinity 
and sends the inexplicable into

perfectly  oblivious confusion.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

cristal clear - a possible connotation?

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Sorry lady A, but I need to

Sorry lady A, but I need to know more about this "crystallinity" thang. Speculation cries out amid this "obvious" confusion for an answer ... or at least, elaboration.

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It's the "thang" - the quest as an articulation and metaphor for truth. Layered, unveiled slowly over decades, sometimes centuries. What we see today, tomorrow receives a transparency of new revelations and data to reform the way in which the POV shifts and sees anew. That is the best I can do to elaborate and end speculation. (okay?) I'm rewriting all my poems and ran into your marvelous comment. After finishing the laughter and smirking, I had to explain myself. I am not explanable, most days, so hey. The inobviousness is because my muse was drunk that day. - :D slc