through the fog of his eyes

he came back the only way he knew
how, through the fog of false eyes
and sharp gestures that insult and
speak at length without breathing.
needing the first place always, he
comes wearing buildings, suited up
in armor that no knight would
share spit with.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

from book: through the fog of his eyes. 05/09/06

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Wandering in the stacks

thought I'd read some of your older verses. I like how in your about me u speak of metaphors that are so personal that they deem obscure. I feel this here and love it. Wearing Building? I image as many of my lovers, coming back wearing their life or life's work. I related. 

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Thanks For Reading Earlier Work

I used to have a super who owned several buildings - he wore them but they gave him no value. Oh my. slc :)



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Good poem I could read it

Good poem I could read it about five more times. :)

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is a plus for me. With each book, I re-read perpetually until the poems seeped into my mind-soul-heart-toenails - so that I could read them out loud the same way if need arises. This was the title poem and I am glad you enjoyed - that was the point - Lady A