they told me it was something to do with
bulk and speed and density, not weight
or size. the way a car makes a lesser impact
with a still body than a bus or a full
dressed van. mass. illusive concept. not
like the straight forward easy measures
of length, width, or height. things you
can ruler. why are invisible concepts so
hard to enform?



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from book: through the fog of his eyes. 05/09/06

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A concept must pass through

A concept must pass through the prism of our own experience, and hence is seen subjectively. Each person has a different understanding of the same concept.

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E Equals M C Square

M is mass and C is time - go figure. Squaring it makes it three dimensional - right? This is why I never became a rocket scientist. Metaphorically, I concur - objectivity is a myth, what you perceive is totally subjective. - Lady A