The Gems of Morning


“…Dew-drops are the gems of morning…” Sammuel Taylor-Coleridge (from Youth And Age)



The Gems of Morning


There you are, ages old friends,

Round and quivering

Light gleamed and temporary

Telling me of tranquility

And transcendence.


I am as young as you are ancient

Pushing my way through the temporal

As if it were a semi-permeable

Membrane. To persevere

Is not the same as remembering.



Dew drops are marvelous creatures

Faultless and loyal they defend

The right to be whatever diadem

The world decrees. Clams or treasure

In a box, the sea will eventually

Give up her dead to sparkle

Like dew shared on the shores

of time.






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Liked it a lot. Hats off to you for perfect word-choice :)

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Uncurl Ma Fro


Thanks for the read. A limited time posting - I am still not supposed to be posting poetry until 02.21.15. 5 months to go.  So glad you stopped by. I feel as if a great weight has been lifted. - Just Bein' Lady A


NOTE: I did not make a year off line.