My Own Insanity

Vintage Words


I met him on the corner

under the streetlight

yesterday and said,

"Hey, Insanity. Where ya been?"


Insanity just stared at me

completely and dumbly

as if he was not aware that

he lived in my mirror

or that I had forgotten

his address.


My own particular brand

of Insanity came home

with me and we made love

all night, wrecking the furniture,

writing poems



My insanity never misses 

an opportunity to be instructive.

Always on the make

for a good line or two

or three.








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darkpool's picture

Mmmm ..  wrecking the

Mmmm ..  wrecking the furniture, eh? The things a poet will do for inspiration!

allets's picture

Kindling For Thought

I didn't like that table anyway. Cool Be well - Just Bein' Lady A




Daniel-59's picture

That dumb look He gave You

That dumb look He gave You was cause He'd been crashing on My couch 

I think He left a little bewildered at the fact My Craziness was more than

I'd led him to beleive ...... lol ....I like It an I like nothing !




Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

allets's picture

Liking Nothing?

But liking this. Hey, I will sail on that comment for months. Thanks for the visit. U R 2 welcome DD59 - Yours In Writing - Lady A



bishu's picture

This made a very good point You hammered it in deep Resp Mm A

This made a very good point .You hammered it in deep Respected Madam Allets ~ disillusioned BM across da deep puddle~



allets's picture

A Kinda Process Poem

EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN TECHNIQUE - out of chaos, order or a semblance of order occasionally, my dear Bishu across the Big Puddle. Your next poem, sir? - or prose? From a wet lass on the shores of the turbulent and torrential shore of the big drop of salty wetness - Yours in writing, Just Bein' Lady A





ReilaMorello's picture


I love it! 

allets's picture

Hangin' Out With A Mindset


It's fun to laugh at yrself sometimes. I am of the belief that we all practice our own brand of insanity. It makes us unique and misunderstood a lot, but that's human and fodder for a poem or two. Glad you enjoyed, RM - Lady A