T'is the Season To Be

Holiday Poems


Snuggling with the one you

love watching a good movie

wondering what the people

in the South are doing, as

we take hot baths with

lots of bubbles.


T'is the season for woolen

hats and thermal goves,

down coats that zip

and button.


Tis the time of year

in this part of the world

where the sound of silence

is accompanied by intermittent

howling winds that push

snow spray off the rooftop.


T'is the season to buy a new

outdoor therometer. Ours

is under a snow squalled area

of a tree outback. All I can

poetically offer you presently is








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GOHIL48's picture

'brrr'' that was funny :D i

'brrr'' that was funny :D i love winter.. nice poem:)

allets's picture

Ha and Ha

The bright side is that Spring will come in March. I could start a company: Ice Inc. Slogan: "Hot? We Got Cold." Thanks for stopping by. ~A~





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Brrrrr.... It's cold here

Brrrrr.... It's cold here too! And, I'm down south. Supposed to be like 20. The wind has picked up big time. Effing freezing to me. (I know you have it worse. Or better, maybe, snuggling sounds nice.)

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Dream of A Big Fire

Such are the defense mechanisms we embrace in Michigan. I'm not complaining though. I got 100 tulip bulbs under the snow - probably snuggling. TTYL HW ~A~