Life As A Bottle Sip


I pull a long one from the lip

of the bottle and living flows

mouth to throat to where my

stomach wants to wretch.


I take it in gigantic gulps daily

to imbibe shock, surprise as

horror, or the mundane,

the common as habit, useful

or useless, no matter.


I drink a toast, then drink another

toast. The idea is to keep the booze

of life flowing in. The regurgitation

comes later, like the requirements

of hard assimilation that separates

the wheat from the chaff.


To live is to liquify expanding

body's cells fully. There are no

limits, no stop signs, only green

that means go. Never mind the

spillover. In this work, excess

will out.






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bishu's picture

Extremely sorry Respected Madam Allets

Extremely sorry Respected Madam Allets for my ignorance in not deciphering your poem on the elixir of life.Me,an ignorant fool, misunderstood it as hard drink.Sorry again for the goof-up.



allets's picture

An Idea Is All

Drnking life's offerings. Experience and encounter is the point to what it is to truly live? Life as a liquid going down -  slc



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What a lovely inspirational write for tipplers Respected Madam A

What a lovely inspirational write for tipplers Respected Madam Allets



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Weirding Metaphor

A sip or swilled portion of living s'all ~ be well, your pal, Lady A



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A nice healthy potion!? I

A nice healthy potion!? I could use some of your fare good lady! Some great fodder for thought. Enjoyed. 

allets's picture

I Am Glad

...the fare was a good offering, INKSTAIN. - Be well and thanks for stopping by for a few shared letters and spaces - Allets



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bottoms up

I'll drink to that... cheers

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Thanks for the read. Life is good and liquid mostly. Here's to us! ~Lady A~