Vintage Words


During a rally, two is a group.

One is simply a powerless

person expressing their



When riots happen because

food is scarce and the baby

needs milk and shoes, a slogan

is what is truly needed

to sing to the national guard

aligning the avenues.


Peace in our time involves

lots of groups dropping their

bylines to write a letter

and toss it into a very deep

Washington well.


Dead files are for you, a call

will not happen, and you may

get a letter asking for money.

This should tell you that paper

is expensive. Better to just throw

your cell phones and computers

over a cliff.







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1 Powerless Opinion

My point exactly. (smile) Extreme solutions while not rational need not be completely overlooked depending on the circumstances. Yes, another powerless opinion, InkS. Hence, the indefensible powerlessness of one. Be well ~allets~

Lady A