Shame Forces The Eyes To Lower

Vintage Words


When you fight two wars simultaneously

the money has to come from somewhere.



When your currency is supporting

nations and their economies, there

is an understanding that the money

will not stop. Right?


All that is left (forgive the aweful pun)

is for the architects of this latest

disaster to compromise and do a deal

to keep the currents flowing.












Author's Notes/Comments: 

Congressmen and Congresswomen should be forced to wear costumes. The clowns vs. the jokers. Then we would know the characters in this farce. May the wheels of governance no longer be halted. They were running over me so nicely.

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Bold and explosive Respected Madam Allets

Bold and explosive Respected Madam Allets



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I Am Speechless

My soap box is falling apart. The passer's by don't stop and listen, they just throw money in the cup. Can one person with a poster on the "Mall" be considered a "March on Washingon"? - Hmmm...Be well, Honorable Bishu One. ~allets~

Lady A