I've gotten up so many times, but

I'm tired and want to just sit here

in the middle of the sidewalk.

So, walk around!


I am not homeless

I am frustrated with the futile

and the fruitless. Give me

a pillow please. Any pillow

will do. It is for my weary

head, not yours. You gotta

walk around!


I am staying right here, you.

Let the world go on without

the sounds I make (the sounds

I made will have to do).

Dinner from the local greasy

spoon will suffice. I want

beef on a bun, not bull.

Psst. Do not fall on me when

you walk around!







Author's Notes/Comments: 

I like this poem. 

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bishu's picture

Sometimes pillow is also thorny !

Sometimes pillow is also thorny !



allets's picture

Yes, Thorns

My other aka is Rose Thorne -Bring on the thorny pillows. To be stuck was the poem's theme. Go around, I am glued to this spot for a while (smile) - Love it, Bish. - Peace to you now and always  ~Lady A~

Lady A