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Beauty is a speck of dust

stuck to the fur of a honeybee

buzzing around my head

trying to get to me

but can't.


Beauty is not a question

more an answer. Like love

it happens and you

know it's presence. Feel

good that beauty

stopped by for a chat.


Critics and self-appointed

philosophers have described

beauty page by page

ad nausium, but beauty

unaware of her fame

simply smirks

and exists.









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The title caught me (I like

The title caught me (I like word play). Really liked the opening strophe. Beauty seems like one of those things in such metaphor, precious, and seeming to ride on something that can sting (much like the rose and its thorns). I like that you mention that beauty is trying to reach you, but it can't, as if the speaker is the one in the right.

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Thanks 4 The Read

Your comment is welcome and now a part of me. Thanks for stopping by - Lady A

Lady A


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Nice, lady A! Loved this. :)

Nice, lady A! Loved this. :)

Copyright © morningglory

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Hi H Woman

Thanks for comin' for a visit. Love the blue bus pix. Gladulikedthepoem. Hugz and Cool (sorry there is no smiley face with a santa hat or a russian hat, fall/winter are coming.) - Lady A

Lady A