Vintage Words


Maybe one day it will all end.

All of it is vaguely written

on the horizon of tomorrow

and her slow waning.


Maybe, patiently waiting,

the end will come and wrap

great destructive arms

around what was

at the moment.


Maybe the end will arrive

dancing like comets across

void in fire like a hot verb, 

a brilliant noun, or a










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i think we can choose the end

i think we can choose the end to be a dancing reaper; i atleast choose that

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Dancing Reaper

Doing the mambo, the twist, or the bop? I have absolutely no idea what the latest dances are called. Who knows what dance steps lurk in the hearts of menwomen? The Reaper knows. Thanks for great comment. Beliefshifter, may you live a thousand lifetimes - Cool ~allets

Lady A


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Loved this, in particular

Loved this, in particular comets across a void. Love it as ominous as its message may be! Hugss 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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The Ultimate End

By water or the fire next time? Maybe, aliens will come and take us away. Or worse, come and leave us here. The poem is indeed ominous, the reaper dances - be well SSoothie old chum, old pal, old so and so...Cool hugz and hugs and hugzz ~Lady A~

Lady A


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Thanks for the ever so soft a spur

Thanks for the ever so soft a spur Respected Mm Allets.I do hope you succeed in your philanthropic endeavour for all Gennext writers on this site.MGW always with him/them .



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Post Modern to What

I like Gennext, (oh you mean generation x, gotcha) but has anyone heard what the next generation "school" of art will be titled? I haven't read much on art movements in years and years. Guess it's time. - not philanthropic, no way - just practicing my own version of maddness s'all. What if it is associated with the internet and they call us the Electronic Generation Poets. Or the Socialist Poets - Ha! ~~Lady A

Lady A


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Cheers to a better tomorrow

Cheers to a better tomorrow.If  madness is your version .. I'm in muddiness.I loved the name Electronic Generation Poets(EGP)

Respected Madam AlletsLaughing



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There are 20 thousand poets or more on line daily world wide. We are a group, Bish. Be well - lady a

Lady A