Vintage Words


Cowardly circling,

waiting for eyes

to shift elsewhere

then spiraling down

they land on young

victims and taunt

them with sharp

claws and deep








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Their instincts have been programmed as such

Respected Mm Allets.Thei scavenger's instincts have probably been programmed as such.Those "scavengers" Are they birds of prey? Scavengers also eat rotten flesh I think.Sorry maybe I misinterpreted the meaning. I need more spinach befor I comment on your next worthy write.



allets's picture


are birds of prey on two legs with bad ideas of what to do with children (who are metaphorically surprised/shocked by propositioners who see them as vulnerable (or dying) flesh - scavengers eat left-over kill, not necessarily rotten only, they are leeches on the backside of humanity, a awful definition of predators (stalkers). Hope this clarifies oh most worthy Bishu the Sailor Man.


If you ain't got spinach

kale will have to do

If you ain't got no mo spinach

kale just gotta do

I ain't got no can of spinach

and kale's sho nuff hard to chew.



A little blues at 3:30a






Lady A