Narrowed Horizons

Vintage Words


We dream horizons. Size denies

seen from mesmerized and truthless 

eyes, accompanied with yearning sighs

learning the meaning of goodbyes.


The sun rises, then dies

stars watch us from darkened skies

we look back with night blind eyes

unable to see what the heart denies.






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Lovely write Mm Allets

Lovely write Mm Allets.You need not have given me importance..... All works everywhere are influenced by some other directly .A lady on this site quoted from Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" which inspired her.Even the greatest writer/poet on earth born/to be born can't say that my thoughts are ORIGINAL.Even Mm ..Nature is an inspiration.. who takes credit? I'll write soon on a motorcycle repair garage boy.. Who'll take credit? I strongly believe Mm that writing comes from reading and seeing ,hearing, & experiencing with other senses.They get engraved in the brain matter and may spill out in the form of words or even other works of art (painting,music,etc) or indirectly so ....... Sorry to spill my dirty water-bucket in your space/floor. You can delete if you like.~God Bless + B Happy~



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dirty water-bucket in your space/floor

A rare thymed poem :)

You can toss away anytime - liked your take on inspiration and the source of art - see, when Bishu's ego surfaces, wisdom walks around and struts a while, you dig? - be well and thanks for the original commentry - hugz, allets

Lady A