Vintage Words


Not pessimistic,

really. Just when the

darkness is about

to swallow the dawn

a miracle will happen

and the air will

be clean again

and the atmosphere

will suddenly become

correctly balanced

without science.


I am optimistic

that when I die

the earth will heal

and renewable energy

will be the best measure

for norm.


Creative human toil will

return an age scarred earth

to near forgotten neatness.

Paradise and restoration

will infuse every slogan.


Reverence for a simple blade 

of grass might then prevail,

and contemplation of species

thriving will heal the wounds

from a carelessly rash

and overlong human youth.


Then, a hundred or a thousand

so years from now, when

the skies are pure and waters

rush in clean tides, some gigantic

meteor will strike the planet

and undo so much deticated

and persistent labor.









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You are also probably

You are also probably correct, our world may be defeated in many ways, sadly.

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As Long As Humanly Possible

We may suffer near misses and hang on by our collective fingernails - that meteor may miss us entirely. Thanks for this comment on 8-31-13. - Lady A


Lady A