Only Sunshine

Vintage Words


Sun block takes a new

definition - as in avoid

the sunny blocks followed by

longitude and lattitude

for the region affected

by a dirge of ozone. 


Water water everywhere

but poisoned. See the sea

die, the rain so acid

it pierces bare skin,

and kills the animals

unable to find a cave

without irradiated



Why do the fish have

a second set of gills?

Why are the lobsters

developing shoes at the tip

of their claws?


Food chain infected tall

humans try to say the end

will not come soon, it is

a natural cycle, not a

manwoman made crisis.


Inhale, hold your breath

for as long as you can,

then start over because

you have no other

option. One one thousand,

two one thousand, three

one thousand, gasp!







Author's Notes/Comments: 

We can stall it.

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burkej1h's picture

we corrupted the original

we corrupted the original code, that is for certain --- love -- jb

allets's picture

Yes, We Corrupted The Code

Thanks for the thought and the read (luv right back at cha) ~Lady A~

Lady A