If I Had Three Wishes

Vintage Words


First rant: 3 is not enough! What idiot decided that wishes should come in 3s.

Second rant: I'd wish for an environmentally clean earth, you polluting punks!

Third rant: Shit shoveler, Ford, get out of that grave and bring a rust scraper.

This was preamble to my wish list:

1 - to live in health for 105 years.

2 - If health not possible, to live 105 years with every disease known to man/woman.

3 - That 3 wishes only issue is going to kill me, so what's the point?






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If I had three wishes I'd use

If I had three wishes I'd use two each time and on the third ask for three more! Wishing is for those who don't mind chasing dreams. I meander. Interesting insights dear Lady ~A~

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The Meander Fest

I like it! I too want to become a MEANDERTHAL - ha! - Thanks for the read. ~~A~~

Lady A