Afraid of the Sun

Vintage Words


Paronoic thinking is a safety 

valve against the world ending

and the shopping list that reads:

go to the drugstore, take all

the antibiotics because modern

civilizaition has survived

because the bacterial war

is mostly won.


Do not be afraid of sunshine,

toilet paper is a must have

when the sun goes out. When

light is the by-product of candles,

flashlights, kerosene lamps

and a wood burning stove

make a come back.


Next, go immediately to

the bottled water plant, take

as many cases as you can get

in the back of the stolen van.

Paranoia runs deep, someone

said and rightly so. Do not

stop, pass go and get fast over

to the gun shop and midnight

requisition five ousi's, 3 A-K's, all

the Glocks, and a rack of

shotguns. With clips and bullets.


Pick up the puppies 

head for the local U.S. Army

base for sundries, stop by

the PX and take every pack

of vegetable seeds in the racks

before you head for the cabin

in the woods near the fresh water



No visitors allowed, it is

the end of the world, you know.

Sit on the porch with the shotgun

across the lap. If anyone gets in,

four pit bulls, a mine field, and

the electrical fence should help

keep out the riff-raff unprepared.






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Aren't we all a little afraid

Aren't we all a little afraid of the sun? A poignant write charged with accusations that connect the dots. A clearer picture. Indeed what if the thinkers thought? Who would back them with no currency? Good write. 

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Sun Shines

An image of life and hope

that things are as they should be

fear the mundane, the ordinary.

Fear fear.


An idea of warmth and summer

sitting there smiling or behind

clouds frowning to be out

causes fear, causes hiding


This notion of roundness

always rising on cue

as if a mighty conductor

stood on a cloud and said

with his baton, be afraid

but begin. Be bright,






Lady A


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Here! here! the world is going

Here! here!  the world is going to shit with everyone cashing in on peddling and consoling every nature of fear. Big bucks cost more than any of us will ever realise. well said! HugSS 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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I read too much sci-fi

If the U.S. fell - actually fell - what would rise from the ashes? We are thoughtful and actually have some smart people here. What if is a game, but what if? ~~A~~

Lady A


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Craziest part is that there

Craziest part is that there are actually people doing this, I hear. It's just plain nuts.

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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Consider It

It is no joke, no play on anything but the possibility of a reality that is to be avoided. If or when the U.S. collapses, we take the world with us down the rabbit hole to wonderland where tea drinkers are mad and the grin of the Cheshire Fat Cat is there even when the Fat disappears - Fear is like pain, you know something is wrong with the body politic if it hurts. Very pesive this week - be well ~~A~~

Lady A


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I am working towards becoming

I am working towards becoming independent of the societal norm in the few ways that I currently am. I would prefer not to do so in such a 'militant' way, as is being done by many of the 'paranoid'. My life purpose calls me to have some touch with those who suffer due to the shades being down for so long. I do believe there will (has already begun) be an eventual 'shift' in the areas of energy, which will greatly re-organize a very large part of the people who make a living on energy that hurts Mother Earth. Thank you for expressing your authenticity, allets....(why you are such an awesome poet).

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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Paradigm Shift

The collective concurrence is considered as quite cool - oil will change everything suddenly - so might the enviornment gone off - see what thinking lead to - Yours In Writing, Stella aka allets ~A~

Lady A


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oh man sooo many ways this

oh man sooo many ways this can be viewed, one...literally! the world is at its lowest point of violence in human history yet we have the highest perception of it, we are all on edge and there are some places where no word of lie people act this way. Two...metaphorically! Is it love? how we appraoch it, refuse to let it in, kill it if it gets to reall? is it simple concection? how we do not want ANYONE but us in our space, mentaly, phsically, emotionally. is it political? control the masses, filter the media, don't let the public know whats really going on. is it just word play?


so many sides to one simple well writen poem :)

Much Love


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Poet In Layers

I default to my default position, Then default to anapthema. I stand on a precipice with cataclysm beyond and below the ledge. A drop in an ocean still increases the volume. Just thinking over things and how they are going. Be well ~~A

Lady A


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oh allets this is going on my

oh allets this is going on my fb quote page!

" A drop in an ocean still increases the volume. "



I adore you 

Much Love


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Again, Honored


When I think of the world's problems, small things can become big living on the street one minute and a kabillionaire like Rawlings with books and movies because kids liked the idea of wizards and magic. Ideas are weapon too...drops of water in the ocean :D ~~A~~

Lady A


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:) Twilight being the most

:) Twilight being the most 'romantic' novel of teen history despite the fact that it is a huge alegory for abusive relationships!

Much Love


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Back In The Day

It was Wurthering Heights  or Hamlet or Anna Kerennina. Talk about sun filled skies - hmmmm.... ~~A~~

Lady A


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that silly sun just when you

that silly sun just when you think it has set it goes and rises again!

Much Love


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Who Wrote The Sun

Also Rises? It sets an equal number of times as it rises. Both in nature especially in Autumn are spectacular. After rainstorms, I am wowed! Sunrise says, we are still here, nice to see it and appreciate it's signification. ~~A~~

Lady A


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:( its hiding today here

:( its hiding today here which is sad 

Much Love