Margaret Thatcher

Tall and broad of shoulders, all those
men around you following your whims.
Who dare imagine actualization of female
mystique, Lady M? That was some
kind of feather duster you took to
Number Ten to clean up the Falklands,
Iron in the blood, iron in the will,
they no longer joke about the Iron Lady.
We had a dream of a woman in political 
posture, serving a great nation, ordering
England about as if it needed tidying a bit.
Hilary Clinton learned a few things watching
on the sidelines. Power is worn well in the view
of the world, but to head a government and hold
the reigns is an entity born of aging and waiting
for the most powerful of spaces. It is not

for everyone.

Footprints, high heel deep suckers, will
be fitted against future Primes and political
leverage pushers. The flourish, the tilt of the
head, the intense and telling eyes that put
the world on notice. The voice  expresses
world large messages that shaped human

endeavor and shaped a legacy.
Now, women will look up and see the choice

of politics for careers that run countries.

"Who the hell was Thatcher?" young girls

will ask. She was Margaret, fondly called Maggie.

She wore business suits and slung a big stick

Her fingerprint signature will serve 
as first ministerial guidelines to throw off
chit-chat slander, to never become one
of the good ole boys, rather to start
a new club called the high stompin' 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

We lost Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of Great Britain (UK) this week. I admired her greatly from this side of the big pond. She was a figure who enformed powerful places and spaces, who summons the poets to give tribute. ~A~

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This is so The

This is so The only interruption was my brain saying, "And they paid a price for her funeral that could have fed millions in other countries not to mention their own...


Margaret Thatcher would have been remembered just like this without the costly funeral. This poem is lovely.

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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Ritual As Memory

When a nation like theirs and ours and everyone else's is in depression before the news catches up to the reality: She was the first female PM and the people needed pagentry and closure. Imagine the money and the mouthes that could have been fed from the search costs for bombers of celebrated races in Boston. More millions. God Save The Queen and the legless and the dead! I concur with your comments 100% ~~A~~  

Lady A


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I'm in awe

That was wonderful. Are you publishing any of this magnificence? If not, I don't know what you're waiting for.

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Publisher Editor

I have edited HIPology, 65 Detroit poets, Broadside Press 1990, 2 books of poetry, Salad In August, Ridgeway Press and from my press, Thorne Publications, Thieves or the Laundromat Bandit. I sent out lots and most of it was published in single anthologies for the big payment of two and on occasion three copies. I've read extensively and was designated a Master Poet by the State of Michigan - I am 63 and did lots of work with new writers. I have written 13 Science Fiction books - I like writing ~~A~~

Lady A


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I'm so impressed. I just knew you couldn't be just a hidden gem. :)

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Working On Autobiography

A tough write - to try to see the past, what shaped you, what made you you is hard. I am of a mind to believe that it's the hard times that make us who we are, it certianly makes us ambitious and strong? I wonder who will want to read it? Title: You Did Not Meet My Expectations - be well ~A~

Lady A