A gambler came here from Alberta

but he lost both his socks and his shirta.

Internationally shamed

he lost all he'd gained

and snuck home to Canadian dirta.


Unlucky at dice, the Albertan

got to the bridge and was hurtin'

just like his last roll

he could not pay the toll

and was thrown in the river, for cursin'.


The Albertan was no kinda swimmer

dog paddling only made him grow slimmer

he reached U.S. soil

after hours of toil

but died on the beach, what a bummer.


The Canadian was mourned internationally

both countries determined how rationally

tossing a coin for the gambler

and oh so familiar

it balanced on edge, undecidedly.


Ambassadors finagled a settlement

For the Maple Leaf gamber's internment

they bet on a long shot

won and paid for his grave plot

which made his last win an improvement.





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Nicely penned - very creative

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A Fun Write This

Thx 4 the a good limerick - glad you liked them ~~A~~

Lady A


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allets...i like you branched out your style, creativity, and personality in this poem. excellently written.

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This is an older poem. Read some limericks today and pulled out these. Thanks for the reading ~~A~~

Lady A