Hook and Line


There are so many fish in so many seas

that high school affairs seem to jump hook

a lot. Time to rev up, set the sails just so. Wait

for it. Here it comes. Cool breezes and sails

arced with fresh winds.


Time to explore what lies beyond such

small wavelets. I never meant to sail so close

to the shoals. The shrimp are happy there

but humans prefer depths and wonder.


There are so many ways to toss in the line

to capture a marlin or a catfish. Minnows

court the shoreline, otherwise bigger fish

eat them.


Excuse me, I did not have the correct fly to ensnare

you or your eye, so I best go to the well stocked sporting

goods and get bigger spinners with larger hooks.

These worms are not working out.


Step aboard my little boat find a seat where you

can let your line swing easy. Taste the salty wind gusts

as they enter your lungs. Flex, be ready. See him sample

the offering. Wait. Let him get the hook in deep. Yank,

and reel the sucker in.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fishing or mating rituals - hmmmm... :D slc

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You had me reeling from this

You had me reeling from this one! Hugss ;) you got me hook line and sinker...

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

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Hook Line Sink

Your comment is sooooo appropo. Hugz and more hugz. I admit it. I was a kid fisher person. ;D ~~A~~

Lady A


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This was fun.

So glad you enjoyed ~~A~~

Lady A