Music Memories

Vintage Words


Recalling the notes,

they come like wildfire

to trap you inside a circle

of heat you can not 



You do not wish

to escape the notes.

Instead you build firewalls, 

put up wallpaper, and paint

the woodwork that offers

you an armchair

to remember when








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rjnmhrjn's picture

"you can not escape you do

"you can not escape

you do not want to escape"

Great way to relive the moments

allets's picture

Love Those Oldies But Goodies

We can not go back, so we relive it absolutely ~~A~~

Lady A


mrpoofs's picture

delicious. quite the fine

delicious. quite the fine picture you paint m'lady.

allets's picture

Thanks M'Dude'

It's all fun, something to do when the world slows down and you can see more clearly - then write it down, then share it! Be well ~~A~~

Lady A


Beavis's picture


I so love this line in particular, "They come at you like wildfire". That's exactly how music memories engulf me! Rock on, Lady A! ;-)

allets's picture

Wild Thing

That is what I was thinking about - and the rap version that captured the nation and the charts - I love music that is simply unstoppably universal. Thanks for the read.  ~~A~~

Lady A