The Hat


The older you get the greater the need

to cover up things. Boney knees,

for example, thinning arms, thinning



Whoever invented the hat has my

thanks aplenty. The gray, you see

makes me think I am older

than I actually am. Had it a while

but wishing for dyes and bandanas

has become an obsession. The

hats serve.


Closets were made for hats.

Made for hat accents, hat pins,

and accessories. There once

were shops full of hats. Women

made them, now they

come with designer labels. I

miss hat shops.


Last thing donned, first thing

removed, the hat, the way

to stay warm when snow comes

down to cool the heads

of crowds. Hats provide shade

when the sun's radiation

heats up the concrete

and makes warbling mirages

in the distance. Hats.






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Beavis's picture

I love it!

Great poem, Lady A! (and dredged up a forgotten memory of an old girlfriend as well! ;-)

allets's picture

I Take The Bow

with thanks and gratitude. Glad to have sparked a memory of an old chum. Be well ~~A~~

Lady A