Sweatered Bird

Vintage Words


Why is the turkey

cold? Lost a few

tail feathers around

Thanksgiving, but

got away from

the ultimate axe.


Going cold

sounds ominous,

but sometimes

it's the only











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Morningglory's picture

Cold turkey!

Love it and love how your mind operates!

Copyright © morningglory

allets's picture


On behalf of my mind, I thank you now against the time when I am senile and still writing, confused and strange, unable to understand the simplest comment (turned 63 yesterday) - THANK U so much...now ~~A~~ (smiling)

Lady A


rjnmhrjn's picture

Like the way you tell

Like the way you tell things.


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Poets Like You

...floor me with comments like this one. To..."tell things" is a comforting way of looking at a writer...it is soooooo appreciated. To tell things is like a slogan for a poet. I am humbled by this & thank you so much for't ~~A~~

Lady A