Teen Suicide Considered

Vintage Words


Did Roman mothers fear that

their sons and daughters at ten, or

whenever puberty was defined, spent

long silent hours contemplating suicide



Like anorexia or the onrush of hormonal

disarray, fear of never being accepted

by togaed peers or laureled mentors. 

Did they take thoughts from the arena

(or movie screen) to consider the attraction

of the other side. Did the dog die?


Was there too much philosophy

too much theology, to deepen

the psyche's content at an early age?

Rumored war may have been the culprit

with armored and sworded soldiers

in the market square marching

(lists of dead soldiers on the news)

and more wars on the long

and lazy horizon.

In empire, the young must contend

with greater systems,human complexities,

and demands until their fast growing

skeleton encased brains and organs shun

knowing they can no longer spend their hours

awake, at play, (gaming) or left alone.


Was the bombardment of expectations

perhaps ill presented? Were the ways of

the adult world, the mores, Y and X

expectations spread out on a formal table?

Did agrarian and ancient teens encountered

rotted flesh scenes later or up close

and sooner?


Pampered, perhaps planting and reaping

in the fields would burn off the luxury of too

many thoughts drifting aimless until landing

on the enigmas of death as a better plane

to exist.  Eventually, choice and freedom

require explanations.







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I really enjoyed this one,

I really enjoyed this one, the break lines perfectly with the flow and for the imagery

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Where did you go? How did poetry book do on line. Miss U - allets


Lady A