Electronic Abyss

Vintage Words


Words fall into the chasm 
swirl around and come back

disguised as unicorns. Original

ideas become muddled, 
go through the editorial process,
and clarity flees like a fugitive
to become confusion with a
mistaken identity.


Explain it, try to turn it round 
to face any sun on any horizon

and as illumination fades 

the letters dance themselves
into the undeniable oblivion
of absolute obscurity.


Unintended, notions take on 
an unexpedted life. Inexplicably 
conceptualizations carry the weight

of its own world on shoulders sagging
with sorrow and hands filled
with stains from too much
electron enhanced ink.


Words will come out of the wash
spotted and worse smeared so that
jokes will tumble in the dryer,
the outcome the same. 
Misunderstanding will spiral
toward eternity with electrical
sparks flying from enigmatic junctures.


The verbal fix is the savior

of all errors, graciously received

by those living with mistakenly

sent typographics especially

those controlled indelibly

by atoms moving while a little
lever inside flips zeros and ones
indefinitely and spews out the most
delightless deconstructions.





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Love to you Lady A!

Love to you Lady A!

Copyright © morningglory

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Fun To Read Verses

Meaning? Bring your own. I read it and enjoy the puns, the plays, the astonising possibilities of words. ~Lady A~

Lady A