Time And Life And Death

Vintage Words


Death is only a wee bit beyond breathing. Similarly,
age is a human construct, most animals of earth

do not concern themselves with birthdays. Time  
sits gazing at the full moon combing too short hair.

agelessly not contemplating life.

Living usually is a bowl filled with possibilities.
But, boredom is also a  human construct that eats

time like cereal in the morning. Most living

creatures do not think of times for eating food.

They eat when food is available.


To age means cracked and wrinkled and gray

which is why time sits on the edge of a cliff,

swinging its feet, waiting as if a perpetual set

of nows are about to happen. Time understands

thoroughly that dying is like living, only

after living.







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darkpool's picture

they say mortality is only

they say mortality is felt only by humans, but I'm not sure about that. I've seen so many older people lament the passing of time that I've decided to live lfe in the present .... well, at least to do my best. I get almost all your imagery in my own way, thanks for musing so candidly!

allets's picture

The Bowl Is Half Full of Possibilities

The imagery the way you get it works for me very well - meanderings i call it, punny and playful over serious matters that new poets slaughter (life/death/aging/living/suicide). Dogs grieve or seem to, maybe they ponder more than we surmise. I just got full at the pump and spilled over. Thanks for the excellent (and useful and throught provoking) comment ~A~

Lady A