Love As Pain

Vintage Words


Love pain is like
falling and breaking
something important.
Like a bee sting
on a mosquito bite.


Love pain is big
as broken finger bones,
awful as a paper cut.


Like my heart
hurting my rib muscles.
Like a vein pulsed
from needles pushed in
too deep and wrong
having to be
pushed in again
somewhere else.






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soulstonic's picture

Melancholy beauty. Thank God

Melancholy beauty.

Thank God it can't rain everyday and the insights the rain brings, like wildflowers blooming after a storm. or something cheesy like that xD

Thank you for letting us look inside your world<3


allets's picture

You R Welcome

Missing you  -  Stella



TOUNDE's picture

I like the way you depicts

I like the way you depicts the pain that love bring at times. the description make something enjoyable appear repulsive. Nice poem...

allets's picture

Love's Flip Side

You take the love and the anguish because you love deeply and forgivingly - thus the pain is magnified to agony. A coin with two sides, love - thanks for reading this poem - A