No Longer Who I Was


I see again clearly what was obscured
when we had first encounters and you
looked down or looked away. My ground was

outside your greatness realm, and uninvited,

I retreated from so famed a circle as if

your aura could wander into my circle

and turn it into a polyhedron.


I have changed. I now look up, but seldom

look back. Your faded shadow, emptied

of empathy from the beginning, was noise.

Do not try to find me. Change is good.


I am no longer who or what I was. Look

and you will not find me because you did not

decide, back in the day, to see me. And, truth told,

I never enjoyed your eccentricities, posturings, 

and ego all that much anyway.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rant woman!

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Not_A_Somalian_Guy's picture

Beautiful & elegant .. this

Beautiful & elegant .. this !! :)

He who knoweth himself ... knoweth the world ....

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You made my day, thanks so much, my friend and equally eloquent co- writer ~~~~ Lady A

Lady A