Friendship #2

Vintage Words


Love walked in and decided
to collect all of her offspring, as

if the world had spit them out
like peach pits not wanting


Friendship was first to waltz
in, happy to be away from 
the faithless, losers, once true

hearteds turned tawdry

and tentative.


Love welcomed friendship 
because with one true offspring

there would never again be merely

an acquaintance to discard or leave,

just visitors.







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Not_A_Somalian_Guy's picture

.. I think when it comes to

.. I think when it comes to your poem Lady Allets, I think I could just create a template and copy paste them every time I read one of your works ...

They are not only rich & diverse .. but I think almost every poem , except that one ( no ! no! no exceptions ...) could connect in a very fundamental and in some ways every phrase seems measured and a prospect for a whole new poem by itself ....

Beautiful Stuff !!

He who knoweth himself ... knoweth the world ....

allets's picture


R U a photographer? Great photos! Glad you like the poetry - Lady A

Lady A


Not_A_Somalian_Guy's picture

lol .. no ... Merely someone

lol .. no ... Merely someone with a standard camera whose been lucky enough to get an obliging 'subject' :P

He who knoweth himself ... knoweth the world ....

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this is pure wisdom and

this is pure wisdom and beauty.

allets's picture

Wisdom and Appreciation

U R 2 kind. Your comments are always well - come - Lady A

Lady A