Addicted To A Poetry Site

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I tried to stay away, just
last night I said to myself,
"Self, put away your laptop.
Don't write on it for two days.
Three would be better."
Shower, breakfast,
coffee, brush and floss
and start it up. Who needs
clothes, a bathrobe
is fine. Spades, lose two
chess games, conduct
some business, read G-Mail
more business to do,
hold on, don't give in
oh no, there was a reply
to a post. Now I must,
I must not, I have to
stop feeding this need.
No. Answer. Make it short,
okay so I can't make
it short, but the next
one will be short. I
promised myself, but
myself said, "Self,
you are addicted
to this site as if it
were air withheld
and you know you are
dying, like food and
water, know
what I mean because
you are me." So I promised
myself, "Self," I said,
"Work with me here.
Just one more, okay?"





Author's Notes/Comments: 

 It is a nice addiction. - allets

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Even if you tried to put it

Even if you tried to put it away for two or three days, the words would form little soap bubbles in the shower – and trickle down your inner thigh, as you tried to remain clean. And it's nothing to be ashamed of – because when you have poetry, you have no need of clothing. And that's the beautiful part of having such a fine disease; to remain naked all day – faithful to your partner.

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Poets Must Poet

To poet is a verb. :)

Lady A


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ROFLMAO!!! You KNOW I Love it

ROFLMAO!!! You KNOW I Love it Lady A! Why should we stop... it's not like it's heroin. We wont get any diseases.... will we?

Copyright © morningglory

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Diseases & Controlled Substances

Poets, novelists, playrights, and lyricists have debated the nature of writer's diseases for centuries, but only secret societies know the causes and cures. I can't say any more than that. They will come for me otherwise and my poems will all be about paranoia...Silently yours, me

Lady A