Politic and Poetry

Vintage Words


How do you make a love song the
exclusive terrain for a wordsmith who's
individually prone to prose and addicted
to the contents of odes and ballads,
haiku and limericks?


Where is it written inside the instruction
manual for drama that no one may become
the unique entity to paint all words pink or
white or black or gray exclusively with nothing
in between allowed?


Shatter the contents of all dictionaries, all
word histories, every thesaurus in the land
of the free and the hallmark of the brave
and the torch of the enlightened, then fry
my afro, but make sure there is room left for
a poem about reality every now and then
or you may as well put p.s. on the bottom
of your poem and call it a letter.


If the President can not quite get the religious
right right or the birth certificate freaks
straight, then I suppose the country will
re-elect him because no one else is very much
different really. Left handed people see the world
oddly. But then, so do right minded voters.

God bless them all but give me directions to
where is it written that such and such about
this and them should only be discussed
in a diary or a memoir never to be published?


I used to shy away from loud voices that say
very little actually, hide from the screamers,
the infrastructure's bastions and other bullies,
but in my six plus decades I decided to back away
from no one's opinion or point of view. Eight more
years for President Obama is very optimistic
(and illegal since we have term limits) but
he's handsome and smarter than most Americans
who have ever lived.


What more can you ask from a leader of the free

world and a country that is now second most powerful

because of birth control pills and economic outsourcing?

There is room for humor,  bathos, and pathos, puns,

and a prevalence  of cliches. Truly, there is room

for all kinds of thought inside a writer's sphere.


I like to think,  and I pride myself in thought as

poet and person, that literature shapes civilization, not
the other way around.




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a comment

I kinda think its a two way street.. that they both influence each other (civilization and literature) and being that we are human, we couldn't live very long without either. But the traffic on this street does flow mostly in civilizations (society) favor. Why in our history every great revolution or human up heaval, has given rise to new and influential art (literature).... I would love to see and be part of a world where words can fly not just from mouth to minds, but just for the hell of it!! That colors are found where no names have yet been given and we all create in ways that the flowers smell our newness.... All this is by way of saying.. Stella, you can rant any ol time you feel necessary!!! ~~redzone

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Rant Permit

The flipside of the poet's coin, identification as discovery...most of my insights written down in verse are part intuitiveness, part accident. To shout occasionally is cleansing...with permission, I may scream softly. Art equals civilization. OK. Context is about as existential as I can come to the absolute metaphor. The way repetition weakens a word b/c of over use, we seek a new way of saying. Saying for the sake of saying has value but is doomeed to obscurity and no place in civilization (the press). - Lady A~~~~

Lady A