Do not look at the exam
until told to do so. This is a house
of cards; the questions have

answers only a few will be

able to resolve. Foreclosure

is a life decision. Take
a risk and win or take a risk
and win bigger. This is not
a test.


If you are caught cheating,
you will be escorted from the
exam room. Tears are not hard
currency except in the funeral
parlor. Eviction becomes
a matter of what relative
will take you. The problem
is the absent ownership
gone to auction and cleanup
for the next resident. You
have to play to win.


Talking is not allowed during
the exam. All families are
expendable; there is a supply
in proportions beyond belief.
Bring in the wealthy of the world,
let stay the smartest of the earth.
To lose no matter where you
land is still loss. Power
is heady, greed is headier.

You may begin.

The retirement accounts
are empty as the most empty
hearts. Quit your job and go
to work getting the right
cards in your hand. Starting
over tends to allow old
systems to unwind. When
too much force is applied to
a house made of cards, nothing
is left standing.


Open your booklet.







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The simple exam, the frightful exam. It's just a test but not just a test. Nice back and forth in time. Nice running parallel to importance of each to compare, contrast, to ponder. 


I do enjoy such mixtures. 

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The style is different back here

It was fun to write - not an attempt to please or meet a standard, not a task, a release. Patchwork borderline surrealism - glad you enjoy such as this small offering. Thanks for the visit :D

Lady A